jack herer cartridge

Jack Herer 1 Gram Vape Cartridge

The jack herer cartridge was named after Jack Herer, an American cannabis rights activist, who was known as Emperor of Hemp. He’s the most famous and was published in 2010 and then during 2020, the 14th edition of the same popular book was released. In recognition of his first book, the 16th cannabis cup was arranged. He wanted to legalize the use of cannabis for industrial purposes. He became an early glass pipe entrepreneur and established an organization named Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) as well. In 1985, he got lofty recognition because of cannabis.

Most of the European experts criticized Jack Herer as well for making ideal claims such as hemp produces more yield than other crops and more than 77% cellulose is present in the dry weight of a stem. Lately, it was known that more than 33% cellulose is present in the hemp stems. But he has a strong view of using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Hemp is a plant that contains stems with a woody core, bark is also present in the outer wall of the hemp. There exist many uses of hemp besides being as a drug or medicine for life-saving, as Jack Herer claimed that the cannabis, if decriminalized would help to produce bio-fuel, food, fiber, and medicines, etc. Ultimately, aspiring to bring an economic revolution in the US.

Jack herer cartridge contains hybrid strains of cannabis with Sativa dominance. Previously its original strain was plan by Sensi seeds. It offers many flavors to make your life full of the sweet essence. This cartridge won 16 awards because of its effectiveness and good quality. The final product is available in the form of oils with cerebral high and freaking stellar aroma.

Properties of Jack Herer vape cartridge 

This jack herer king pen containing Sativa strain may offer benefits and some of its properties are as follows:

  • They are available in the form of pure cannabis oil.    
  • The final products are usually highly potent.
  • This product is always the strain-specific entity available in the market.
  •   It may create euphoric effects.
  • One may feel relaxed and uplifted or motivated as well
  • The jack herer vape pen offers various flavors citrus, pine, wood, earthy, and spice or herbal.
  • The parent strain can be reuse in making hybrids. 
  • Jack Herer is consider to be a lineage of Haze and Shiva skunk
  • Sensi seeds belong to the Dutch seed bank and have become a major ingredient.
  • The distillation process and propriety extraction methods are used for the perfect product development.

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