Blood Orange Tangie



Buy Blood Orange Tangie Strain Online

Buy Blood Orange Tangie Strain Online

This strain which is also calle as Purple Tangie. And is a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica which is well known for its cerebral stimulation.

Flavorful and potent, the zesty scent brings and taste of herbal spice. As it envelops you with a warm euphoric body buzz.


Grow info

With this flower you can expect dark green nugs with purple tints and wispy white fine trichomes. Infused with orange and lavender terps.

This flower is moderately difficult to grow. Beautiful cone shape flowers will become visible during the flowering period, roughly sixty five days.


Yum! Zesty and creative this is an energetic and stimulating flower. You can expect to be happily engage in social settings or pursuing solitary creative endeavors.

There is no doubt that this is a positively cerebral flower. And unsurprisingly it  found to be very beneficial in dealing with headaches.

The positive sense of euphoria effect of the Blood Orange Tangie strain has also been recommende in dealing with depression.

Adding to this,  it’s sweet citrus and blossoming lavender aroma, Blood Orange Tangie is becoming one of the most desired strains in the entire state. This super tasty Sativa-Hybrid is a cross between Cali Orange and Appalachia, and has some of the most colorful buds I’ve ever seen.

Conclusively, grinding these beauties up almost felt sacrilegious, but they released an aroma so intense it almost made my eyes water!


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