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Buy pink rozay Strain Online

Buy pink rozay Strain Online

Pink Rozay is a heavy indica-dominant strain (80/20) owing to its genetic makeup. Parts of the indica Lemonchello  crossed with the Lemon Pound Cake  strains. These strains give it a mid-high THC content around 17%. And a famously fruity taste and smell that draws cannabis novices to its inviting experience.


The first thing you’ll notice about the plant is that it was name beautifully to match its look. Pink Rozay grows olive nugs that flush pink and dark purple under the surface. They’re covere in orange hairs, and bright purple and white trichomes. They’re as appealing to the eyes as to the nose: when you pull the dense nugs apart. You’ll be greete by a berry patch of smells. Strawberries, nutty, earthy herbs, and other berries will flood your senses. It’s fruity and sweet but also rustic. It’s a fairytale smell.

If that wasn’t enough, people dig the taste because it’s so inviting. Hints of those berries, herbs, spicy flower, and nutty undertones. When the high hits you, you’ll understand the sweet. Inviting smells: the head high has the same feeling. It’s strong, but cheerful.

The novices drawn to the sights and smells of the Pink Rozay strain. Will get what they bargained for (maybe more) with the high. It hits hard at first, but uplifts your body. Giving you a tingly daze that leaves you happy and satisfied. That “daze” goes beyond just a happy high, but doesn’t quite sedate you. Leaving you relaxed and satisfied but still awake. So unless relaxation is all that’s stopping you from sleeping. Pink Rozay isn’t the most powerful insomnia treatment of all the cannabis strains.


However, that cerebral body high and mental daze have other beneficial effects that you won’t want to miss. Those who suffer from chronic fatigue will want to make use of its alleviating feelings. The way it makes you feel tingly and uplifted, giving you a boost of positivity. That also comes in handy for people suffering from depression, mood swings, and chronic stress. You’ll appreciate the alleviating feelings if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain as well, including muscle, skeletal, or nerve conditions.

Pink Rozay is one of those strains that both recreational and medicinal users love for its relaxing properties. People suffering from arthritis, muscle spasms, cramps, pain, nerve conditions, and other feelings caused by or contributing to elevated anxiety levels chase Pink Rozay for its fruity taste, pleasing earthy aroma, and full body high.


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