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Order Select Ratio Drops Online

Order Select Ratio Drops Online

Highest in purity, potency and flavor, Select has quickly become the best selling cannabis oil in its class and winner of multiple awards, including Dope Industry Awards’ Best Concentrate Company.

Awarded Oregon’s Best High CBD Product by Leafly, Select CBD is hemp-derived and paired with essential oils & herbs to deliver supreme flavor and premium experiences.

Social CBD Drops:  Find the bliss of convenient herbal relief anytime, anywhere with Social CBD’s proprietary 1000mg CBD tincture. All Social CBD oil products are lovingly done and package by hand. Social CBD oil goes through the highest levels of testing. Social CBD partners with brilliant scientists to discover and improve extraction and processing techniques and explore cutting-edge CBD science.  All of the drops contain a specially formulate balance of CBD and herb-infuse, refine coconut oil, known as MCT oil. The hemp extract used as the base is a CBD isolate that has been processe to remove the THC compound, so this is a true 0 THC product rather than one that contains a trace amount of THC.

Social CBD Blends combine the benefits of CBD with essential oils and natural extracts. What’s more, this product is easy to use, as each tincture includes a marked dropper applicator for the perfect serving size.

About Social CBD

Social CBD was formerly known as Select CBD. The Select CBD oil brand was rename by parent company, Sentia Wellness, in an effort to distinguish between the marijuana and THC-free lines. Sentia want their Social CBD drops to be confidently embrace by athletes and families across the United States, which was harder to accomplish with the stigma surrounding THC. Social CBD is now  as the brand widely regard for producing high-quality isolate and broad spectrum CBD products. The packaging for Social CBD drops still contains the bold, friendly S above the company name that became an iconic logo for the Select CBD drops. Social’s longstanding commitment to quality and affordability is something we can’t praise enough.

Why Choose Social CBD Tincture?

Social CBD Drops come in four great flavors

Lavender (lavender, chamomile, passion flower): CBD Lavender Drops are infuse with herbs for relaxation and calmness, including lavender, chamomile and passion flower.

Lemon-Ginger (lemon, ginger, turmeric): Lemon-Ginger Drops are infuse with ginger, turmeric, and lemon’s naturally energizing and revitalizing powers. Turmeric is so well regarde that there are over 10,000 peer-reviewe articles focuse on the benefits of this herb. Ginger is also verse to aid with different physical systems and aids in health and well being!

Peppermint: Peppermint is a natural energy booster. The scent stimulates the hippocampus area of the brain for increase mental clarity and improve memory. The flavor and smell tell your brain it is time to focus.

Unflavore: Social CBD offers an unflavore option for those looking for all of the CBD benefits with none of the adde flavors.  It truly is tasteless!

Do Social CBD Drops Show Up On A Drug Test?

Concerned about potentially failing a work drug test while using Social’s CBD Drops. You don’t have to worry! Drug tests are designe to look for the presence of THC. Social’s CBD Drops are broad spectrum and contain no THC. This means you will not fail a drug test while using Social CBD Drops.

What Do

Social CBD Drops can provide many potential benefits. We always add the potential uses in our product short descriptions. Social CBD Drops could help to improve mood, reduce anxiety and stress, and reduce inflammation. As mentione above, the different flavors of Social Drops are formulate to provide different benefits as well. For instance, lavender is formulated to provide a stronger sense of calm and relaxation while peppermint is designed to be a natural energy booster that improves mental clarity.


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