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Order West Coast Cure Online

Order West Coast Cure Online

To begin with, never count out the magic of Skywalker OG (or anyone named Skywalker for that matter). It’s an indica-dominant hybrid (85% indica and 15% sativa), a mix of the hugely popular Skywalker and OG Kush strains. I’m hoping to get these same effects from West Coast Cure’s (WCC) Skywalker OG shatter oil cartridge.

Firstly, west Coast Cure is known for super powered highs. The kind that leave you sprawled and staring with a blissful smile. That potency helped win first place in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup’s “Concentrates” category with their Hardcore OG Budder. Rapper/Viceland foodie Action Bronson has vocally supported this crowd-pleaser and their other award-winning budder, crumble and shatter.


To continue, this Skywalker OG “Ultra Purified” Premium Shatter Oil sounds like a dabbable, and that’s deliberate. The idea behind “shatter oil” is to create a vape that tastes and works like a dab with a full, flavorful terpene profile. It specifically operates on lower temperature levels to boost the profile and lower the throat harshness.

West Coast Cure’s WCC OG presents the ultimate luxury cannabis experience. Enjoy 3.5 grams of WCC’s signature OG, nitrogen sealed for ultimate. Lasting freshness and cured in-can to provide the ideal smoke. WCC OG is their signature bud, known for its lemon flavors and pine sol aromas. With a single hit of this bud, get ready for exhilarating mental stimulation with the complete erasure of any pain or tension in the body


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